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Comfort Zone

I've decided to start playing this game “Superbetter” a Superbetter.com. I thought hey I'm stuck right now and I need to push on and maybe this will help, because it's always worth a shot.

Today I have a “quest” that involves a writing prompt about comfort zones. It asks these things

What’s your current relationship with your comfort zone?

Fortressed within it? Always busting through it?

What it is, for you? How often are you in it? How does it feel to leave it?”

    I am not sure I have a comfort zone haha. I am never quite comfortable and I guess whenever I start to feel stagnant or I guess it is... comfortable, I find ways to push myself back in to uncomfortable. I am not comfortable with comfortable I guess. I think this stems from having gone through the experience of having agoraphobia and panic disorder at such a very young age and all the years and years of therapy that went with it. I have intensive desensitization therapy for several years and it kind of gave me a built in push it kind of mentality. Of course I've always kept a few things around that I stubbornly panic and refuse to do a lot of time. Making phone calls being one of them, however I did just call back my therapist so take that comfort zone.

    I could say I'm in a comfort zone right now, but it really just feels depressed and I hate it. Yeah it's all safe and cozy to spend my days doing my thing, avoiding people, missing appointments (and painting class AGAIN what the hell was I thinking with 8 am) and having very little social interaction even online. It should feel safe and cozy in my pretty little house, but instead it feels boring and stagnant and gross. I'm working slowly though.

    At the same time I am really pushing some boundaries of my comfort zone in some big ways that I feel maybe I should be recognizing a bit more. Learning to play an instrument is something I have always wanted to do way way way back in the dark corners, because I was absolutely convinced I could not do it. That it was too much for my little brain to handle. I can play two whole fricken songs now. I don't care that they are two chord songs or that they aren't smooth and wonderful I am doing it. I'm doing it just because I decided I could. Something even more major was the decision that I wanted to be able to sing with them. I am quiet. I only raise my voice in my own home and until my back thing I'd never screamed in pain or fright or anything in my entire life. I've spent my life walking around feeling like someone had a fist wrapped around my vocal chords, not speaking up for much of anything. Even more then wanting to play an instrument I've wanted to open my mouth and sing. I bought a book with a cd and yesterday I sang two songs over and over again and I did not disintegrate. I hated the way I sounded, but I reminded myself everything sucks in the beginning.

    So I'm hiding and blossoming all at the same time and it's making me feel itchy and weird and depressed and strange. So there is that.

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